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midcoast first aid

Provides comprehensive basic first aid and CPR training as well as USCG approved medical courses in the Mid-Coast Maine area.
First Aid Training for Sailors

Midcoast First Aid was started in 2007 to provide comprehensive basic first aid and CPR training as well as United States Coast Guard approved medical courses in the Mid-Coast Maine area.


The primary focus was to fill a gap in basic shipboard first aid. As regulations in training and requirements have changes Midcoast First Aid strives to keep ahead of the changes and provide everyone from the professional mariner to the weekend boater the most up to date and comprehensive training possible.

CPR Training Mariners

In 2009, the company received its first major USCG approval in our Medical Care Provider Course, over the past few years we grow to offer more course not only in the medical field but to encompass may marine safety related topics. At this time the company has four USCG approvals and only hopes to grow in the coming months and years. Working with our training partners we hope to provide high quality maritime training for years to come!


meet Your instructors

Lindsey Pinkham

Capt. Lindsey Pinkham

Courtesy of Friends of WJD

Lindsey Pinkham - Lead Instructor/Owner: As a graduate of Maine Maritime Academy, Lindsey holds a Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation. Lindsey has worked as an emergency medical technician  since 2002 working for both emergency and transfer services in the State of Maine.


Lindsey, when sailing as mate was designated the person-in-charge of medical care on bulk carriers, oil clean up vessels, and tugs across the globe. She has also had the opportunity to instruct at Maine Maritime Academy in a classroom setting and on the annual training cruise.


Licenses Held: National Registry EMT, Certified CPR/AED and First Aid Instructor, United States Coast Guard approved instructor, Unlimited Tonnage Mate.

Capt. Lindsey Pinkham, safety instructor, Friends of Windjammer Days, 5/19/2022

Jason Yereance - Started his maritime career working on a local fishing boat during summer break from high school. After attending Maine Maritime Academy, and graduating from the SVO major he continued in the commercial fishing industry for the next 12 years as the deck boss and engineer of a 70’ trawler. During the transition from the commercial fishing industry to the tug boat industry he worked in a local boat building shop. Starting as an deckhand and working into the engine room where he still serves as chief engineer on a tractor tug in New York Harbor.


Licensing includes 100 ton master, 200 ton mate, AB unlimited, Chief Engineer OSV, Assistant Engineer limited, Designated Duty Engineer any horsepower vessels under 500GT, and STCW Chief Engineer vessels any horsepower and under 500 GT.

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